Now seeking submissions for the inaugural issue of Hockey Brunch

April 24, 2018



So, what is this thing?


We believe that hockey writing relies too heavily on the familiar.


Is a team contending or rebuilding?


Is a player’s skill found in the aggregate or the eye test?


Who made the NHL even though they’re short?


Who needs to “step up?”


The dreaded game recap...


This kind of writing does little to describe the communities where hockey takes root - the diverse people who gather around the game, the unexpected encounters and experiences that ensue, and the traditions and rituals that form away from the bright lights of the arena.


Every city has its stories and every team has its subcultures. When something seems weird, that’s usually a good sign that somebody feels passionately about it.


Okay. But what is this THING?


HOCKEY BRUNCH aims to become a quarterly zine about the unexpected cultures that form around hockey. Hockey has yet to experience its own unapologetically subjective, ‘gonzo’ journalism. HOCKEY BRUNCH will be home to the authentic, the creative, and the bizarre.


Non-fiction, fiction, investigative journalism, satire, humor, diary entries, poetry, stream-of-consciousness, photography, painting, illustration, Photoshops both good and bad, a description of something weird encountered on the way to the game: anything goes.


That sounds so amazing that I want to die. Where can I get it?


The first issue will be available for the start of the 2018-2019 NHL season - if we can get enough contributions. We’ll make a small run available for mail order and then electronic downloads. If people dig it, we’ll crowd source some cash and make an honest go of it.




I want to contribute to HOCKEY BRUNCH.


Damn right you do. We need contributors of both articles and art.


To submit something for consideration, email conradamenta at gmail dot com with the following:

  • Your experience, if any (none is required) and links to the stuff of which you’re most proud. It doesn’t have to be hockey related, just evidence that you don’t mind working with an editor and you’ve come through on a deadline.

  • A short description of what you want to contribute. The more eclectic and unexpected your idea, the better - think, “Does this have a natural home somewhere else?” If it doesn’t, you’re in the right place. If you’re not sure, email and we’ll hash it out.


For this first run there’s no pay. If we get some funding, contributors to Issue One will get first crack at Issue Two, which will be paid.


Just who the hell do you think you are?


I’m a hockey fan who's contributed to Vice’s Motherboard, LOGIC Magazine, Versions, Kill Screen, Cokemachineglow and a bunch of healthcare journals. I’m one of the founders of Welcome To Your Karlsson Years, the only Ottawa Senators blog that proudly publishes anything and everything it pleases.




Dead Kennedys/Hockey Brunch album cover by Steven Stewart

Wolf image by Florian Bertmer (


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